The last time I wrote a blog there was 74 days until we set off for the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, and now as I write this I have my bags packed, ready to go! It must be said, I don’t think given the frequency of my blogs that I will be changing profession any time soon…….I think I would have been fired a long time ago!

However, I am wondering where the past few months have gone? I have gone from counting down the days thinking that the show would never come, to now finding it hard to believe that the days of waiting have come and gone in the blink of an eye. I guess the days have been filled with planning for the show, ensuring that every little detail has been double and treble checked.

So, what did the show planning entail……where do I start? I guess with the most obvious of things, the grips themselves. Going from one P2 grip available in only one colour, to four models available in four different colours was no small undertaking. Now, you can Rent P2 Grips from Clubs to hire.

Ensuring that we got the new grips correct in both the shapes we wanted, the material we wanted, and the colours we wanted was crucial. When manufacturing nothing ever seems to go to plan, and even with a clear timetable laid out allowing for first, second and third samples, allowing for shipping, minor changes to samples received, colour changes and tweaks, this all impacts on your timeline and put us under serious pressure to be ready for next week. We are also creating the brand new P2 Grips Range. However, we have a fantastic manufacturing agent who was immense over the past few week and came through every challenge we faced with flying colours……..Spear Product Design I salute you!

PGA Merchandise

The P2 Classic & Aware will be making appearances at the PGA Merchandise Show.

Over the past week since we received our first batch of grips, I have spent time gripping nearly 50 various putters which we are bringing to the show. We have a variety of Odyssey, Nike and Taylor Made putters, in various head shapes and shaft lengths,  ensuring that we have the different grips styles on whatever style of putter someone at the show prefers to use.You can get know your putter. Since fitting the grips I have spent a lot of time putting back and forth with various grips styles on the various head shapes, and I must admit that I am very pleased with how they look and feel. You can improve your putting at home as well. The texture of the material is comfortable, and the colours are vibrant and attractive. I can hear you saying “of course you are going to say they are great, you designed them”……but please remember I am the grips harshest critic. For now you will just have to trust me, you may not like all four shapes but you will find one that suits and fits in your hands just right!We have some interesting tips to find the sweetspot and tips to align your putter with ball.

PGA Merchandise

You’ll find the right P2 Grip for you at the PGA Merchandise Show, whether it’s the Reflex or the React.

The other key element to our presence at the show was always going to be the design of our stand. We have been working with an American company on this, and on paper we are extremely happy by what we will present next week. Very excited to see it all come together when we start to build the stand on Monday/Tuesday next week, and look forward to showing you all what the hype has been about. Until then my lips are sealed.

Looking forward to the PGA Merchandise show.

The PGA Merchandise Show is the biggest golf trade show in the world, it’s where the world’s largest golf companies launch all of their new products for 2016….“P2 grips…Back in Time!”….Callaway, Ping, Taylor Made, Titleist…..you name them they are there. The decision to take our new range of products to the show was not taken lightly, it’s a massive undertaking and not one that I could have made without such a fantastic team of people around me. Working with such a talented, knowledgeable and professional team really has been inspiring over the past few months.

PGA Merchandise Show

Looking forward to the 2016 PGA Merchandise Show.

Over the next few days make sure you follow us on twitter (@p2grips) or Facebook (P2 Putter Grips) where I will introduce you to the team, as well as providing updates from the show through both pictures and videos. It’s sure to be an interesting week and I look forward to reporting how the show went.

Until then take care and good golfing.

Enda McLoughlin

P2 Designer


  • marty clifford says:

    Saw this at pga show–have to tell ya–after switching this grip on my tom wishon putter–inside of 10′–seemed like I was jordan speith– luck of the irish with this grip!!!

  • Marty Clifford says:

    Again–thanx for the grip!!! Put it on my putter–made 10′ putting like Joedan Speith–great grip!! Owned a shop –taught for the last 20yrs–never had a better feeling grip —superjoke grip in trash can.all my juniors live it!!! Thanx–may the luck of the irish be with you

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