We warmly say Welcome to P2 Grip. When it came to designing the new range of P2 grip, there were many factors which I took into consideration. Most of these factors were related to feedback which I had received from various golfers, with varying levels of ability, who are currently using the grip. My main focus when gathering the feedback was aimed at answering questions related to the following topics:

  • Grip size (depth & width).
  • Grip weight.
  • Material/tackiness.
  • Colours.
  • What a golfer liked/disliked about the grip.

Once these questions were answered I set about making some changes, all for the better.

Designing the new P2 grip.

I’ve always known that one grip on its own would never be enough to make a splash in the big bad world of retail, so the range had to expand. The first thing that became apparent from the feedback was that one size does not fit all, I had always known this but it was quickly confirmed. P2 grip was already very close to the depth permitted by the R&A which is 1.65”, which applies for width or depth, so we could only go one way……smaller. But how small do you go? I needed to give our manufacturing agents/designers something to work with measurement wise, so as you do, you get out your vice and a hacksaw and start cutting! Below you can see a butchered version where I cut off a section on the front of the grip. I instantly loved this version, I think predominantly because my hands are small and it fitted very snugly in my palms. The second purpose the hacksaw job served was to produce a very flat surface for the thumbs to sit, wider, flatter and very comfortable. Just like that, I had the second grip for the new range.

Hacksawed P2 grip

A hacksawed version of the P2 grip!

For the next two grip designs, I had to have a hard look at what is already on the market. I wanted to offer a variety of styles, so a shape profile with more rounded sides was the obvious choice. With any design, it starts by taking out a pen and paper a starting to sketch your ideas. Below are the first sketch ideas for the new P2 grip, as they were then, with rough measurements to guide my thoughts. The designs have been tweaked several times since but this sketch was a starting point from which the new range evolved.

P2 grip sketches

Rough sketches of the P2 grips.

Once we had worked out what we wanted, we sat down with Greg of Spear Technologies, who looks after our actual designs and their specifications for manufacturing. Once they are designed on a computer system, with exact measurements and dimensions, we needed samples. For this we had two choices. The first was to go back and forward with samples from China, where they send grips to us, we tell them what we want changed, more samples, changes…and as a result waste valuable time. The second option was to have 3D prints manufactured here in Ireland, where you can feel the exact shape of the grip as it would be when the final products arrives. The 3D prints are without the wrap which goes around the grip, but it was ideal for allowing us to get our shapes and designs perfect before sending final designs to China. However, the 3D prints are not exactly cheap to make, but for us it would save us days that were vital to us ensuring we get our delivery in time for the PGA Show in January.

P2 grip

   3D prints – four new models              P2 classic and P2 aware                   Visible size difference.

Once the grip shapes were decided upon, the next task for me became a colouring-in competition! I needed to design the artwork to go on the grips, so I re-visited my childhood and got out my colouring book, a load of sharpie markers, and tried not to colour outside the lines! Visually I need to see things and how they might look, before I even think about sending them on to anyone else.

colour sketches P2 grip

Colour sketches of the P2 grip

In the end, we have gone for very “safe” colours to launch with, but the best thing about the design of the wrap is the colour ways on the grip can be anything in the future. However, once you add another colour, then your production costs have just gone up from an inventory perspective, so any future colours will be driven by consumer, distributor or retailer demands. (P.S – Feel free to provide us with your preferred colour choices for future designs by emailing us –enda@p2grips.com)

The new 2016 P2 grip range.


P2 grip

P2 Classic and P2 Aware.

Profile: Flat sides

Classic: 1.55″ Depth 0.85″ Width

Aware: 1.30″ Depth 0.85″ Width

Patented off centre shaft design


Four colours

P2 grip

P2 React and P2 Reflex.

Profile: Rounded sides

React: 1.55″ Depth 1.20″ Width

Reflex: 1.30″ Depth 1.15″ Width

Patented off-centre shaft design

Minimal taper

Four colours

Designs may vary slightly from the images above, but we are very happy with how things are shaping up. Currently, our new moulds are in production in China, which will allow us to have physical samples within the next four weeks, before going into production in time for the PGA Show.

P2 Grip also visited PGA shows: –

There is no doubt, we are very tight on time and need things to run smoothly over the next few weeks if we are to have our order in time…….fingers crossed! It’s that tight……..if I thought putting the Child Of Prague out in the front garden would help I would do it…..but I think that only applies to weather on wedding days!

With our booth now fully booked for the PGA Show in January, and with only 74 days to go, every day brings something new and exciting. In my next blog post I hope to give you an insight into the planning for the show, from the small things to the big things, which will hopefully make P2 grip’s first trade show a worthwhile experience.
We have some awesome tips for you as well: –

Take care until then,

Enda McLoughlin,

P2 designer.


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