p2 putter grips

“I just like the bigger, flatter side against my hand. I feel I’m putting more with my right palm.”

Padraig Harrington

3-Time Major Winner

p2 putter grips

˝I believe that the P2 Putting grip had a big influence on me having my best putting average so far as a professional in 2013 with 28.9 putts…˝

Barrie Trainor

PGA Professional

p2 putter grips

˝The things I like most about the grip is that both sides are flat, it sounds silly but it just seems to fit perfectly across both of my palm…˝

Richard Wallis

PGA Professional
Patrick Actis P2 Grips

“P2 Grips have taken full advantage of bio-mechanical capabilities in order to allow me to roll the ball in the most efficient way possible. I have used the grip for the full season, and since I started using the grips I have been consistently holing more putts which is making my job on the greens much easier.

I am using the P2 Aware which is the most comfortable for me as it fits perfectly in the palms of my hands. My confidence in my putting has grown throughout the season, I recommend the P2 grips to everyone……you will not regret it!

Patrick Actis

Professional Golfer

P2 Putter Grips

“My students are switching every day to this product. They are seeing significant increases in putts made and lowering their putts per round. I, myself, switched about a year ago and I’ve lowered my scoring average nearly 2 strokes a round. I’ve won more events and tourneys this year than in the last 5. A Champions Tour run is looking like a solid idea now. All thanks to P2!”


Douglas Schulte  

Director Of Instruction Backspin Golf Shop


Ciaran Lally

“The grip has had a massive impact on my game. I have had the best year ever on the golf course. My handicap is at a new low, I won the club match play, club foursomes and PGA Tankard, as well as being runner up on both the Club Championship and Golfer Of The Year

The highlight however was setting a new course record when I shot 69 from the back tees.

Throughout the year knowing you can rely on your putting stroke to get the crucial 5 foot putts is a huge advantage and the P2 grip gives me that confidence

I would strongly recommend every golfer to get a P2 grip fitted on their putter if they are serious about improving their game.”

Ciaran Lally

Royal Tara Golf Club

“I put a P2 Reflex on my putter last March and it has transformed my game. Previously I was anxious over 5-6 footers as my right hand took over. My P2 helps stabilise my left side through impact rolling the ball down the intended path. I now enjoy having a 5 footer as my new found confidence has eliminated the anxiety resulting in more putts made. Thanks Enda for the innovative design which helps golfers enjoy their game.

John Byrne

PGA Professional Royal Tara Golf Club

P2 Grips

“Honestly, awesome product — love how much this helps quieten down the hands”

Jan Dowling 

Head Coach of Women’s Golf | University of Michigan