How Do I Choose The Best P2 Putter Grip To Improve My Game?

We are currently working on a more accurate sizing tool for our website. We highly recommended visiting your nearest retailer, pro shop or club fitter and trying each putter grip out. Unlike others, our putter grip is all about the feel.

What's Different About The P2 Grip?

The patented bottom positioning of the shaft is what makes the P2 grip so special. It’s unlike any other putter grip in the world with the shaft positioned through the center of the grip. With the P2 Putter Grip the shaft is positioned at the back.

Is It Available In My Country?

You can buy it online directly from us. We ship internationally! Or you can use our retailer finder to locate your nearest stockist.


How Do I Fit My New Putter Grip?

We always recommend that you have your putter grip installed by a professional club fitter, especially if you don’t have the right equipment. If you do decide to install the grip yourself ensure that you use double-sided grip tape and solvent to activate the tape.