P2 Aware Core


The Aware Core is a midsize hybrid pistol grip with flat sides that sit square in the palms of your hands and features the patented off-centre shaft design.

The off-centre shaft design increases ulnar deviation and creates a more arched wrist position throughout the stroke by lifting the hands slightly higher at address. This position is biomechanically proven to limit the amount of wrist movement by effectively locking them in place.

The off-centre shaft design and its effect on the wrists places the shaft of the putter in a flush line with both forearms, making it a much simpler task for the putter, hands, wrist and arms to work together as one unit. This connectivity will significantly improve your accuracy and pace putting from distance.

The flat sides are in a parallel plane to the putter face, making the control and aim of the putter face more consistent as it is impossible to grip the putter without the palm of both hands being perfectly square to one another and in a neutral position. 

The Aware Core is 45g heavier than the Tour version so has more of a counterbalance effect on the putter.


Putter Grip Specifications

Weight: 100g

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The new and improved textured wrap of the Core 2020 features the same distinctive embossed markings as the Tour range on the front section of the grip. The V-shaped chevrons at the top of the grip act as a guide to ensure the thumb of the top hand is positioned in a central location on the grip, while the distinctive centre line aids the positioning of the thumb of the lower hand. Having both thumbs positioned in a central position on the grip ensures that both hands are nuetral and will work together throughout the stroke, rather than one hand being positioned in such a way that it can dominate and negatively effect your stroke.

The P2 core range of putter grips are designed to be heavier than most standard oversize grips to assist a golfer’s control of fine motor skills. Fine motor skills are skills which involve the small muscle groups such as the hands and fingers. These skills use fine and intricate movements for example when playing darts, snooker or putting in golf. Fine motor skills require more control and hand-eye coordination than gross motor skills.

Golfers who putt well have a high level of fine motor skills. This simply means they have the neuro-muscular ability to move and control objects with their hands at slower speeds in a consistent, repeating and very precise manner. For the golfers who do not have a high level of fine motor skill, by placing a substantial weight in the grip, the hands feel that heavier weight and are better able to move in a more consistent manner.

So, if you tend to find that your putter does not move away from the golf ball as smoothly as you would like, or that you struggle to find a nice rhythm or pace to your stroke then definitely consider the Core range.


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