Independent biomechanical testing by Quintic Consultancy Ltd.

The tests used low handicap players, high-speed cameras with the unique Quintic Ball Roll Video Analysis software. We chose to use low handicap golfers for the tests. This allowed us to test the abilities of the P2 grip to its maximum capabilities, as we expected low handicap golfers to already have a high level of proficiency. So any improvements shown would be a significant finding.

High Handicap Golfers

Low Handicap Golfers

The P2 putter grip helps high handicap golfers, as they often have a tendency to over rotate their lead wrist, instead of maintaining a square lead wrist through impact. The double flat sided design of the P2 putter grip, encourages both hands to be positioned squarely to the target making it more difficult to over rotate the wrist. As the off-centre shaft forces the wrists into a higher position, it limits the wrists range of motion which is crucial. P2 prevents the dreaded “wrist flick” at impact and encourages the lead wrist to continue working towards the target.

Most low handicap golfers already know the outcome of a putt if they allow the putter face to close through impact. Often in an attempt to prevent the putter face from closing they will actually hold the putter face in an open position through impact. This means that the putt will likely miss to the right of the hole.

This type of golfer when using the P2 putter grip, rotated the putter face more on approaching impact, leading to a more centred strike and a putt struck on line. We believe this improvement is again due to the grips flat sides and off-centre shaft design. With the lower hand positioned on the tapered section of the grip, it is encouraged to rotate the putter face to a square position at impact.

All golfers have varying skill levels and capabilities, some golfers while putting over rotate and close the putter face, and some golfers under rotate and open the putter face. P2 will help to address both issues and aid your putting stroke regardless of which tendency you currently have.

It is popular belief that better players tend to try and hold the putter face square through impact, but in most cases it is held in an open position. The P2 grip encourages these golfers to rotate the putter face in unison with the forearms and torso. Ultimately you are looking for a putt that is hit in the sweet spot without any unwanted hook/slice spin will ultimately start closer to the intended starting line.

The Results

Quintic Consultancy’s testing had the following findings:

83% showed less face twist at impact, which equates to a more centered strike for the P2 grip compared to a standard grip.

67% showed more face rotation approaching impact while using the P2 compared to a standard grip.

Overall, golfers showed an ability to strike their putts closer to the sweet spot on a more regular basis with the P2 grip.