Welcome to P2 Grips.Well, that is it for another year. The PGA Merchandise Show 2017 has come and gone in the blink of an eye. You spend 12 months waiting for it to come around again, spend nearly 5 months planning it, and in two and a half days it’s all over.

The PGA Merchandise Show 2016 was our first show. So,“Welcome to P2 Grips!” .With 2017 being our second year at the show, the build-up to the show and the show itself were a lot less stressful than that of the first year. This time round we knew what to expect in the days leading up to the PGA show, how long it takes to set-up your trade show booth? how to set-up our booth so that you are not over-shadowed by the major brands? What improvements needed to be made to our booth from our experience based on last years design? Where is the best places to stay, that are convenient to the Convention Center location wise, Where to eat in Orlando? and just generally How to plan and spend your time while at the PGA Merchandise Show and outside of the show.


I am very pleased to say that the list of improvements for our next year’s booth design is a very very short list! We pretty much nailed it this year, and we also nailed the launch of our new Tour Range for 2017. With some very subtle shape changes compared to our Core Range launched in 2016, the main difference between the grips being the weight, with the Tour Range weighing in around 50% lighter. Some golfers will prefer to feel more weight in their hands and would be better suited to our Core Range of putter grips, whilst some golfers, predominantly more professional or lower handicap players tend to prefer to feel the weight of the putter head a little more and these players will usually gravitate towards our Tour Range. So now we have something to help all types of golfer to improve their putting. The positive feedback we received was amazing, and we know that 2017 is going to be a fantastic year for P2 Grips. Just watch our post Creating The Brand New P2 Grip Range.


Our grips were listed by Golfwrx.com in their Top 10 Day One Showstoppers, reviewed positively by several magazines and TV stations, and our new Tour Range was in play on the PGA Tour in Phoenix last week. The new Tour Range will be available from April 1st, so keep an eye out in a store near you around that time. The Tour Range will be available for pre-order in our Online Shopping very soon and also “Rent P2 Grips From Clubs To Hire”




Hopefully you treat yourself to better putting this year, so check out our P2 Range!


Good Golfing,

Enda McLoughlin

P2 Designer