This Will Improve Your Putting…

Guaranteed to improve your putting! This is probably the best putter grip on the market. It’s so much more than just another fat grip, with our grips science meets feel in a way that has never been experienced previously. The is predominantly because over the years a lot of attention has been given to providing better putter shaft length and improved putter heads, but here at P2, our philosophy of better putting starts with a better putter grip. A good putter grip is essential for improving your putting!

Our grips allow you to feel the putt as there is a stronger connection between you and the ball. That initial difference you feel, that is how our grips improve your putting almost instantaneously. It’s all about the feel. If you want to improve your putting, your journey begins with a better grip. That’s why we have designed Ireland’s first and best putter grip, and patented it across the globe. These amazing putter grips make you feel more balanced and give you much greater control throughout your putt.

The best putt’s begin with the best grip!

Many ideas have been proposed to both explain and cure the putting yips, but all ultimately with the main aim of improving your putting. Usually, it comes down to the wrists breaking during your stroke because of anxious movements. The P2 grip, due to its slightly bigger, flatter, off-center patented design feels more natural in your hand and prevents ‘wrist break’. As such helping to prevent the putting yips. It is probably the best grip on the market for correcting the yips. It’s simple to improve your putting with our patented P2 putter grip technology. Putting has never been easier! It is our mission to eliminate the three-putt and to help golfers all across the world to improve their putting. Make sure to follow our blog for different putting tips, putting tricks and putting drills all with the purpose of improving your putting.

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